About Drag-Off

Our Mission Statement

Drag Off is a brand designed to improve the quality of peoples lives by providing a healthy choice in skin care as well as through kindness, love and giving back to the communities that show support.  When you wipe away your mug with Drag Off you are contributing to strengthening our community.


Helping others and supporting the people in our network is why Drag Off exists.  With most cosmetics you buy from the department and drug stores, the money you spend pays for harsh chemicals, and insane amount of advertising, and expensive models – and most of the remainder goes to the top 1%.  

Drag Off is different, and we plan to give back – in a BIG way!  We have created an account where we promise to put a minimum of 10% of all gross sales.  Does your nonprofit organization need some extra support?  Or, maybe you want to see an organization you love and support get a donation from us.  Once our program is developed our customers will be invited to apply for a grant from Drag Off.  

The Tea

Do you LOVE Drag Off?  Send us a video or a comment telling us how you feel about Drag Off.  We may post your video or comment on our website or one of our social media outlets.  There will be opportunities to win prizes and product!

About Sheri Olesen

Sheri OlesenFantastic skin is not the only thing that matters to Sheri Olesen.  In fact, at the top of her list of important things you would find kindness, followed by philanthropy and equality.  Sheri originally formulated Drag Off as an organic way to improve her own skin.  After great success, Sheri built a business to help improve the lives of others through either skin care, monetary donations or employment.  If it isn’t obvious, Sheri enjoys Drag shows and is inspired by others creativity.  Sheri also has a passion for art (especially community art), travel, snowboarding, gardening and drinking coffee.

“Putting lots of chemicals on my face really causes skin problems, and this is something I can trust” – Betty Wetter