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My packaging has a oil mark on the bottom, is that normal?

Yes.  We designed our paper pushup packaging with the environment in mind.  Drag Off is poured when it is warm and hardens as it cools. We work fast and in small batches to try and pour at the perfect temperature.  All products are hand poured and we are still working to perfect our pouring method.  As long as you keep your Drag Off stored at room temperature you should not experience a problem with leaking.

I left my Drag Off in the heat, is it ruined now?

Not necessarily, we recommend not opening the tube and storing it in your refrigerator for about an hour.  Once the temperature of the product has cooled it will harden again.

Can I use my Drag Off in the shower?

No!  Drag Off is made without water and therefore has no preservatives.  If water was to get into the product, bacteria could grow and could get funky!

What is the best way to clean the facecloths?

Not all laundry detergent is tough enough to cut through the makeup, body oil and Drag Off that is left behind on your towel.  We recommend soaking your towels in a mixture of 1/3 cup ammonia per half gallon of water prior to washing if you notice a build up on your towels.

Do I need to buy a Drag Off facecloth to use with Drag Off?

We recommend it!  Drag Off facecloths are made from microfiber and charcoal bamboo, they are extremely soft and efficient for removing makeup around the eyes.  We chose to make our facecloths with charcoal bamboo for the antibacterial qualities.  However, you can use any facecloth with our product.  The more texture your facecloth has the easier it will be to wipe away your mug.

How long will one tube of Drag Off last?

Drag Off is waterless, which means a little will go a long ways!  Depending on your usage, Drag Off could last up to 3 months or longer.  We have found that if you use Drag Off 2x a day it will last about a month and a half – there are approximately 90 applications when used correctly.

What are some other uses for Drag Off?

Drag Off has many uses!  While it works excellent to remove the thickest stage makeup it is also a fabulous moisturizer.  Try it on dry cracked feet or hands.  We have seen it remove everything from pitch to permanent marker and even hair dye from the skin.