Super Sale! But what’s the Tea on this incredible discount?

March 21st, 2019 | News

Condragulations, you’re about to SCORE.

Not all relationships work out. We’re sad to announce that we’re breaking up with our packaging. She was good to us – beautiful, sexy and full of goodness. But she was also a little bit seepy and slightly off-color.

The good news is, while we’re busy creating the “perfect package,” you can score this Queen for only $10 a tube.

Go shopping!

1. Dang, GURL is CHEAP. Just how damaged is she?

Despite all our efforts to control the seeping, we just can’t seem to stop it completely. Our (now) discounted packaging is made from paper and lined with a wax coating. We suspect oil is seeping through the seam in the wax lining. The product isn’t drippy or messy, just slightly discolored where the oil meets the paper.



2. We like the compostable packaging, will your new packaging be environmentally friendly?

YES! While it looks and feels just like plastic, our new packaging is made from sugar cane. This cool new material is not only made from renewable resources, it’s also compostable. How cool is that?!!

3. When will the new packaging be on the market?

We are in the design phase now. Our goal is to have the new packaging ready in about two months.

4. Any other changes in the future you think we should know about?

There are lots of other exciting things happening at the Drag Off headquarters. We want to promote Queens from all over the world on our new packaging and plan to introduce short runs and seasonal blends that will allow us to do this!

5. How will you decide which Queens to feature?

We’ll be hosting a variety of contests to help us select our featured Queens. Stay tuned because things are about to get fun.